Friday, February 03, 2006

Nature-y drawing for Lisa

Here is a drawing by Kelly (even though I don't start my "guest artist" status til tomorrow-Saturday the 4th). Lisa requested "nature-y but it can include technology." What do you know? That is exactly what I wanted to do!

I've received a bunch of emails asking "How are you going to get to people or will they send you photos or how does it work? Is it a one minute thing? When will you be online on Saturday? Is it a real-time, while-you-wait thing, or do you just take orders and get them done whenever? Do you do the drawings on the computer, or just on paper and then scan them and send them? Just curious. "
I will accept emailed images if you want me draw somthing like a photo you have. My email is kelly at I may draw for one minute or longer if the subject is interesting to me. I will get the requests as soon as they come in pretty much, but since I'll be also taking care of little Everett (1 and a half years old) I may not get sketch completed on Saturday. But I'll have them all done at least within a couple days. I do the drawings on paper with pen or ink and brush or whatever. No rules! My scanner is broken, I photograph them with a digital camera and send the digital version to the requestor. Copyright: I will use the Creative Commons copyright as Scott does in which "some rights are reserved."


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly can make cool drawings! ....AND post them to a blog... She's so groovy!



Anonymous said...

Kelly is my favorite artist. All of her work is positive and optimistic. She makes art based on love, compassion, and hapiness. Viewing her work always helps me to be in a good mood.



Awed Job said...

There are a few posts that detail what sort of things are and aren't acceptable:
Here's the first post that explains the basic idea:
Post #1
When Kelly mentions, "I do the drawings on paper with pen or ink and brush or whatever. No rules!" I'd suggest getting really creative. Here's an example of food art:

Nancy Newcomer said...

Kelly is one of the world's greatest artists and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. Her treatise, the "Human Machine Love Statement" will stand for the ages.