Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cat acts as Lion

This is my cat acting like a lion. A pretty nice picture I think. Looking forward to seeing your interpretation.

I got this from sketch-it captain Scott Moore, in the mail today:
"This guy sent in his request on monday. I copied the request over to my email folder for you but I must have forgotten to send you a notice. Here it is."

I think it's not a guy. It's a gal. Just me guessing. Here it is -- the cat as hunter. I made this sketch on my computer to save some time.
-Kelly Newcomer


Awed Job said...

OK. Now I feel really awful. Not only did I mess up and not get this person's request out on time, I mis-represented their gender.

Wicked-Fast turnaround on this Kelly. I sent you the request, what, an hour ago? If only I had done that on Monday instead of late night Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Everything is A-OK. I'm a guy, not a girl, but i have a cool sketch of my cat. No worries.