Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Memories Are Made of This

Ahhhh... this request brought back many memories.

Adam Pasick asked for a sketch of this vintage Panasonic 8 Track Tape Player from the 70's. To change the channels on the tape, you pushed the plunger on the top! Ka-Boom!

I had 8 tracks out of my ears back then. My favorite was the Eat A Peach album by the Allman Brothers Band. I've included the tape in the sketch for old times sake.

Hope you like it Adam!

Don West


Kelly Newcomer said...

Hey, I have a jpg of that same machine on my computer. It's something I found on the internet one day and thought, wow, that's a cool machine!

On Idle said...

I thought is was a joke when I saw the reference advertisement Adam linked to. Then I did a little research and realized Panasonic really did produce it and apparently sold a bunch.
I was just a dumb Georgia Boy back then. I didn't know nuthin' 'bout the fancy stuff. ;-)