Thursday, April 20, 2006


James requested "abscond." That's all he said. Just Abscond. That kind of threw me for a loop! I had to look it up: someone leaving something hurriedly and secretly. Here you are... drawn with my son's crayon. Thanks! - Kelly Newcomer


James Darling said...

I like the idea that I can throw people.

Abscond is the name of my personal site and my web design company
It derived from my desire to escape the torture of my High School in London and move to Cornwall, which I subsequently did.

If that gives you ideas you'd love to throw down, then I'll happily pay another dollar (or 59p here), otherwise thanks for the sketch!

Kelly Newcomer said...

oh! now I understand better! I know what you mean about the torture of high school... The thing about absconding - it is hard to leave the troubles behind. Many people move to find a better life and it is possible, but sometimes our patterns - many people tend to seek out the same situations. Best wishes for you... I will see what I can do.