Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A horse is a horse of course of course

Hello again everyone. :D

I just real quick wanted to say that I love that peeps one Bubba that is so funny. :D

Alright to the point of this post... the sketch.
This is a little ditty I just finished of a beautiful horse by the name of Jonker requested by Remco Bron.
This was fun for me because for some reason I never really draw animals. I'm weird that way. ;P
Thanks for peekin your eyes this way.

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Take care, B-


Bubbashelby said...

Thanks for the props on my peeps - you did a bang-up job on this Horse and the car (especially for someone who "doesn't draw animals" and "doesn't like to draw cars")

Folks are sure getting their buck's worth with these!

Kelly Newcomer said...

B is awesome!!!

Remco said...

I agree with Bubba and Kelly. My fiancé loved it! We live in LA now and her horse is back in Europe. I guess she misses her horse as much as I miss my we have a great sketch of both!