Thursday, April 13, 2006

Little Mermaid

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Hey there everyone hope you are all having a wonderful day.

I got this sketch a little bit ago and I just had to dig into it it was just sounding like fun.
So this one is for Carin van Kuijk. I was asked to make a mermaid with the features of the picture I was given.
Hope you like I had lots of fun with this.

Take care, B-

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Carin said...

Hi B, it's so purdy Aranka is for sure gonna love herself as a mermaid, so now I have the wk trophy boy, the little mermaid girl, only 1 more kiddo to go, and then the 11 cats and 2 dogs, yeah for sure i'm gonna keep you guys busy......

ohw look at that fishy and the pearl bracelet, its so pretty oh my oh my, she's only 5 and everytime somebody asks her whats she's gonna be when she grows up she replies a mermaid.....yihaaa now she is 1 :) Thanks so much !!!!!
Hugs Carin