Friday, April 07, 2006

Wedding Day Bliss

Mr. Dave was sooooooo happy on his wedding day he asked for a sketch to memorialize it.
Here it is Dave.
Can you blame him for being happy! He's a lucky guy...

Don West


Dave said...

I do not like it at all.
I do not think it is an accurate representation.

I think i will be in trouble if i show her this...
so we really look so old?

can you do it again - being kinder this time.
thank you.

Awed Job said...


I am sorry you are not pleased with On Idle's (Don West's) sketch of you and your wife. All of the sketch-it sketches are originally created works of art completed in at least 60 seconds. Some artists spend more than that if they want to. It appears to me that the sketch Mr. West completed for your request took more than that. Without talking to him, I would estimate it took him at least five minutes.

Our policy for rejected completed requests is as follows:
Send us the request again and pay us another dollar. Your request will be assigned to another artist. If you like, we will remove the posting with the rejected image from the site.

Thank you for using sketch-it. We hope the next sketch you request meets with your approval.

Scott Moore

Don said...

Hi Dave,
I'm sorry you didn't like the sketch. Here is a link to a website that can give you a formal drawing that will be more to your liking. They will spend much more time on it.
Best of luck with it!

Kelly Newcomer said...

I think it's cute and it sort of looks like them. Hey! At least it captures the mood of happy wedding day love! Oh well, too bad Dave didn't like it. That's the risk you really do take when you ask someone to draw something and you give em a dollar. It's risky!