Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wikey Wikey Wikey

Been awhile since I posted last but here come a couple for you to look over.

The first one is of a DJ friend and comes from the likes of Julie Ward.

I had a blast with this one I hope it shows with the final result.
I am spending a bit more time with these but I just can't seem to put out something I am proud of in one minute.

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Take care, B-


Brian Massey said...

That's very cool... people are gonna start expecting too much for their money if pics like this keep getting posted :)

B- said...

I am sorry. I will scale it back from now on.
I was just having to much fun and the time just got away from me. Plus the background was something I had that pre-existed so I just slaped it back there and messed with the color so I really didn't spend to much time on it.

Brian Massey said...

I wasn't being critical... I was just complimenting the work in a weird way. I say spend as much time as you feel comfortable. I tend to spend way more time myself as, I'm sure do other people. It just depends on my mood.

Keep it up. And I just noticed the compliment you posted on my pic. Thanks.

tellittosweeney said...

I love this. Such amazing work. I love everything on the site, but this was like a gift. So wonderful, and the DJ in question, who was totally embarassed to find out that I sent in his photo, LOVES it.

- julia w.

Anonymous said...

i'm the dj depicted in the photo and i'm so amazed and appreciative for the work that you put into this.

just a note: the logo for the club i was
playing at is a honeycomb, so it was entirely appropriate (and perhaps mysteriously random) that you chose the hexagon motif for the background!