Friday, May 16, 2008

Conch: thorn

Conch: thornAnyone read "Lord of the Flies"? To speak a person had to possess the conch shell. Reminds me of when I was working on a group animated project. Instead of budget for a content management software to control who animated what character in which scene, we just used a conch shell.

This thing was quite the enigma to sketch. Wishing I had decided some other medium. Something dry and not wet. Though, the shell does come from water. It's a sketch and I cheated a bit in rendering. Didn't keep enough white out for certain areas. Started light enough that it was easy to go darker if I had to. Still there's a lack of pop from certain areas.

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boo said...

I just watched the old version of that movie when covering a class today.

The outside is so incongruous with the fleshy colored insides. I like the water color look to it. It reminds me of that special incongruity.