Monday, May 01, 2006

Trains the keeper

Carin requested a sketch of this guy holding the Fifa World Cup trophy. Using my favorite blue ball-point pen I quickly sketched this!

Hope you like it!


Carin said...

yeahh thanks so much Josh, I promise not to bug you with any more of them, now this looks great as well!
Hugs Carin

Josh said...

Haha... don't worry about it... I'm kinda attached to that Fifa trophy now... every picture I draw now, I want to add one in it! Plus... I love that phrase "trains the keeper"

Carin said...

well he really does train the keeper hahaha, my hubby and his buddy are coaches/ trainers of 14 wild kids, they have had a lot damaged kids, broken toes and so on, so some other kids where guest stars for 3 weeks straight, thats why the kids got so many, and this boy he is a boy himself still, makes sure the keeper is fit hahahaha. The other adult is line flagger at every match, and a co-worker of hubby, he comes in every match just to flag, so thats awesome...and he never wants my free coffee hahahahah
anyways this is the guy that trains the keeper, sorry my english lacks sometimes.....

adding a fifa trophy to each drawing hahaha that would be a nice sight for sure!