Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Telephone MashUp Update

Here's the latest entry in the Telephone MashUp:

SoulChoice provided the first sketch:

Below is the photo from PhotoJojo that SoulChoice picked to start this crazy game:

So now it's up to you to keep the "conversation" alive. There are multiple ways to carry the conversation along.
  1. Start with the sketch and submit a photo to the PhotoJojo Flickr Group.
  2. Take the photo at the top and submit a sketch (not limited to sketch-it artists).
  3. Look at the whole process and create a video or whatever.
Jump in anywhere. We'll get the farthest continual thread if you pick things up from the top but that is not required. The best part about this is, you can join in the conversation at any point.

We started this out with sketch-it artists and members of the PhotoJojo Group. But you have some fun with it also. Just post a comment on sketch-it thread or the PhotoJojo thread with a link to your contribution. We will seek you out and upload your creation.

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Awed Job said...

This is where you can post a link to your contribution to the PhotoJojo/sketch-it TelephoneMashup.