Monday, August 21, 2006

For Marieke

Marieke designs pixel grafix and wanted a sketch of one so I did this!!!

Hope ya like it!



Awed Job said...

WaaaHooo! Dang that was fast. I sent the request to you, what, an hour ago and already you've got it posted. And it's in color.

Putting us all to shame.

Shane said...

It was a cartoon.. it's what I do for a living.. c'mon now! LOL Glad you like it!

marieke verbiesen said...

hi this is marieke, the one who requested the sketch :) i really like what you did ! i usually work "the other way around", so i make pixelgraphics from a photo/sketch/image, i figured it would be cool to let one of you guys make a drawing from a pixelgraphic. Here is the original i sent:

Thanks a lot guys! Grtz from the Netherlands