Friday, August 25, 2006

Hoodie Buddies

I did this one with a really fat paint pen. It's made by Sharpie. The nib is about 3/8 inch wide. It uses oil-based paint. The pen was manufactured in Vietnam.

If you get any of this stuff on your walls or furniture don't expect any help from the Sharpie web site. They have burried cleaning suggestions deep in there. If you do find it you will notice that they punt, saying something to the effect that there's just so many darn variables that we can't make any one recommendation for removal.

I tell you all of this because my son got a hold of one of the big-fat black paint pens and proceeded to color an antique chair from his grandparents. Luckily it was the water-based variety of black paint pen. Not sure why I had it but thankfully that's the one he chose.

1 comment:

Shane said...

Hoooray for kids drawing on stuff they shouldn't...EVEN MORE HOORAY for it being waterbased !!! LOL... Sharpie Asia makes the best pens though, seriously.. they make like 7 different kinds of brush pen... you cant get 1 of em here in the states but.. :) Nice pen choice on the piece..