Friday, August 25, 2006

Subtractive Babies

Getting my mind to see only the light and not the shadows and then draw the areas of light and not the shadows is really, really difficult. I am so used to seeing shapes of shadow that create lines and shapes and forms. Turning that around requires me to study the subject more. I have to force myself to not look at the shadow. Every now and then I try it. Some look great some look adequate. Which category does this fall under? You tell me.

I will say that it took a lot more pen strokes to add the areas of light on this one.


Thelma said...

I didn't like the sketch at all!
I think the babys are too beatiful to be treated as a back image.
Please try again like the other ones you have in the blog.

Awed Job said...

I am sorry that you do not like the sketch.

We'll gladly redo it. Kindly pay us another dollar and we will make sure a different artist handles the request.