Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ascii Me No Questions

Ascii GreasyI regularly check the stats on sketch-it to see how people find our service. FreshArrival is a site that posts one cool thing each day. One day they posted a story about sketch-it. I had read it before but never checked back.

By going to the most recent posting and then clicking back a few posts in the archive I found out about Typorganism. That's where I created this neat ascii image using their Ascii-O-matic. I tried to post the ascii text with HTML but Blogger didn't like it and made it look all wonky.

This is my friend David. He's a computer savvy guy so I thought it quite fitting that he get his image up on sketch-it like this.

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Chris Coyier said...

I loved playing with all that stuff in Typorganism. I especially liked the DNA thing and the Weight tool, which used an old fashioned scale to weigh the visual weight of a group of letters against another.