Wednesday, September 06, 2006


  1. How do I order a sketch? |A|
  2. Where do I send my photo? |A|
  3. What do you sketch? |A|
  4. How will I know you've received my order? |A|
  5. When will I get my sketch? |A|
  6. How is the completed sketch delivered? |A|
  7. How will I know the sketch is complete? |A|
  8. I want to become a contributing artist, where do I sign up? |A|
  9. Can I request a specific artist to complete my dollar sketch? |A|

  1. Fill in the "Describe your sketch" box in the upper left corner of this site. Click the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to the customized sketch-it shopping cart at Include any additional information in the "message" section and then finalize the transaction. |back|

  2. Provide us with a photo URL in the "message" section of the PayPal form during check-out. If you forgot to do this, email it to us here at |back|

  3. Anything your heart desires. Well, almost anything. We get a lot of requests for sketches of photos. Mostly photos of people. Sometimes pets. We will also sketch a description of something where no photo exists. These are especially fun for us because they require imagination on your part and ours.

    We won't sketch anything pornographic or violent. This is a family site. |back|

  4. Once an order has been received by sketch-it, it is reviewed to ensure the request can be met. An artist is assigned to complete the sketch and a notification email is sent to the customer. |back|

  5. Delivery of your sketch could take two weeks or it could take a couple of hours. Once we have everything we need to begin a sketch, its completion depends on multiple factors:
    • current volume of requests received
    • total number of available artists
    • personal schedule of each artist
    • personal schedule of site administrator

    Each factor changes daily. We appreciate your patience while we complete your sketch. We are confident you will be satisfied with the uniqueness and value of the art your single dollar has purchased. |back|

  6. When an artist completes a sketch, she or he will upload the image to this site. They might add a comment or two in the post. They will then send a notification email to the customer with a direct link to the post containing that customer's sketch. |back|

  7. You will know the sketch is complete when you receive a notification email from the artist. This email will contain a direct link to the post containing your completed sketch. |back|

  8. Contact us at |back|

  9. Requests for dollar sketches are assigned to the next available artist. If you get the artist you requested, you got lucky. We are confident that you will be pleased with the creativity, quality and value of work from whichever artist sketches your request.

    Customers can contact an artist directly and request Custom Work. Final pricing for Custom Work is considerably more than the dollar sketch option but the customer can get the artist of their choice, a more finished illustration, and even the original work of art mailed to them. All details should be worked out directly between the customer and the artist. |back|

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