Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Posting Problems

No new posts since Friday? What gives?

Yes, rarely does a day go by where there isn't at least one new requested sketch posted here on sketch-it. The fact that this post has made it up here is a bit of a surprise though. Blogger has been acting persnickety lately.

All customers with outstanding requests have been notified by email.

We appreciate your patience.

Scott Moore

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:: miss m :: said...

I've been having problems posting with blogger as well. Today I was re-theming my site and trying to get the index to publish to get it live. Over an hour I tried over and over all the little tricks - log out, refresh, etc. - without luck. Finally, I had to *shudder* post with IE and it worked in about 2 seconds flat. Bah. It's a conspiracy. Anyway, you might need to try it when you get the dreaded "there were errors..." bit.