Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mermaid and Muse

"Can you make me into a mermaid?"

*Rubs magic lamp*

Yep, I have one wish left, what luck!

Just kidding. ^__^ I hope you like it, and the little muse you asked me to include up there. I wasn't sure if they were fairy wings or angel wings so I took a bit of artistic license...

Devart: medevalmaiden

Holding lil' bro

To Pamela Rankin--your keepsake of Devin holding his baby brother Dominik!

This was actually a do-over, she just wanted it in a different style. No offense! ^__^

Thanks, and hope you like it,
Devart: medevalmaiden

Beloved Bobo

Our Beloved Bobo, She Passed the Rainbow Bridge

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dance Modification

This was requested with a little clothing modification, so I gave them matching shirts, and a little color. Got to love photoshop.


Here's the kiddo, sans bruise, and a little tone thrown in with photoshop.

Wikitainment: where the audience is the author.

mail art by Mim Scalin
A couple of ramblings about the image above:
  1. We could fulfill requests with collage sketches in addition to the hand drawn variety.
  2. It's great to get real, live mail delivered in the physical world.
  3. Did you ever play "Tag" as a child?
So, tell us in the comments section below if you are interested in receiving collage sketches. I'll go forth and recruit some collage artists and add them to the roster of contributors.

In the 2.0 version of sketch-it we are contemplating additional services. One service being considered is "Go Postal" where you the customer can request a sketch on a post card, add a message and we'll mail it to that special someone. This will obviously cost more than a dollar.

I've got a side project called TAG it's like the child's game but it's been updated a bit. I mailed a disposable CVS video camera to Mica Scalin with a simple set of rules. Mica was instructed to record five minutes of video on the camera and then send it to someone else. The person she "Tagged" was her mother Mim Scalin. Then her mother recorded an additional five minutes.

Mim then shipped the camera to FRIPS in Belgium who also gets five minutes of record time on the camera. Mim sent me a handmade piece of mail art (above) to let me know taht FRIPS, the next person, had been tagged. Who knows where it's going next. That's up to FRIPS. Kind of like a digital message in a bottle.

The fifth person who gets the camera is instructed to return the camera to me in Minneapolis. Then I'll download the video and post it online. I can't wait to see what everyone has contributed.

I've got another one of those CVS cameras and I'd love to send it to you. Let me know if you are interested.


My name is Morgan and I'm a new contributing artist here at Sketch-It under the screen name of SoulChoice. I'm hyped-up about making sketches for this site and look forward to your requests. In the near future, I'll have a website. To know more about me, see my Blog profile on Sketch-It.


Chris and "The Devil"

Sweet, innocent, darling, wholesome angel Chris and...THE DEVIL.

Need I say more?

How 'bout "Lucky Devil"

Friday, April 28, 2006

Smitten Swordfish

Dana requested a...
"Swordfish falling in love with a queen"

I'm way late on this due to a mix-up on my end so I spent considerable time on it.
Better late than never eh?

Hope you like the Queen Mother Dana...

Don West

Odd Couple

Hey Guys :]

im back with another request fullfilled, once again for the lovely Marilyn. the request was for a refridgerator to be chained to an ol'fashioned bishop's crook.

have fun thinking of a caption to go with this one!

German S.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Girls become Faeries

I hope these girls like their new wings.

Hoop Princess

Take it to the hoop Princess!

Must be 3:30

Ms.Hollie Goldman requested a sketch of Guy pictured wearing tie, button down shirt, sitting in corner cubicle, messy desk , answering phone. Voice on phone is asking "Is your refrigerator running?" sketch name= "Must be 3:30"

Here's what I came up with

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sky Bunny


Up in the sky!

It's Sky Bunny!

Here comes the bride

For number 2 of the day.

Remco Bron goes for the threefer with a request for a sketch of his friends wedding day from a picture that he had taken.
I also wanted to mention that the bride looked an awful lot like Gweneth Paltro (I think that's how you spell it) I tried in the short time to get her to look that way but alas I failed. Maybe next time. :D

Image Hosted by

Lata. B-

Wikey Wikey Wikey

Been awhile since I posted last but here come a couple for you to look over.

The first one is of a DJ friend and comes from the likes of Julie Ward.

I had a blast with this one I hope it shows with the final result.
I am spending a bit more time with these but I just can't seem to put out something I am proud of in one minute.

Image Hosted by

Take care, B-

Couple on a boat...

The concept: A one minute sketch for a dollar.

The reality: About 3 and a half minutes...

Looks like I gotta speed up

Another overdue one...

I was asked to sketch this cute little girl... so, um, I did :) Man, that thumbnail looks choppy... make sure you click on it and view it at %100.

Long overdue "Jelly" sketches...

I was asked to create 3 logos for Jelly... one in a comic style, one pop art and a noir style. I spent a little more time on these than normal because I took soooo long to fill the request (I have an excuse... really). Anyway, the "comic" style ended up having a very pop art feel anyway so I think that's sort of interchangeable, the "pop" style turned out to be, well, a blob of jelly on the word "Jelly" and I interpreted the "noir" style in an art deco/diner sign style. I'm a little heartbroken over that one... I actually rendered it digitally like the other two but when I created the one with the blob of jelly I accidentally saved over the noir one... which was done in black, white and sepia tones. Oh well... for the pay I wasn't about to recreate it LOL... Anyway, I hope Amit likes 'em

Big Brother!

Ms.Rankin requested a sketch of her grandson holding his little brother for the first time! Here's what the ball-point penned:



Mr.Pope requested a Sketch-It Sketch of the photo referenced here:

Here's the result:

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby in a bubble

This baby appears to be in a bubble, I'm not sure why, but it sure is cute.

Sing Sing Struggle

In 1893 two murders escaped from Sing Sing via boat. they were later to be found by the hudson river, dead as door knobs.. a bullet in each head. nobody ever figured out who shot who or why.

for our dear Marilyn

German S.

For Alberto

Alberto Benbunan wanted a sketch of the following image:

I hope they're both happy with it!


Apollo decided on a sketch of his friend Vanessa and sent along a link:

Hope they are both happy with it!

Outdoor Wedding

For Chris.

Ready... aaaaand... ACTION!

Ms.Dorato sent in this request:

"We are doing an article about film production in Greenwich Village. We do a film shoot report card which is on our web site at soI would like to incorporate both those ideas in a sketch...maybe a camera and a report card???? Maybe a cameraman holding up a report card????"

A quick jaunt to the site, checked the report card... googled a camera, and quickly sketched this:

Britany the dog

Michele requested this sketch of her little pooch! Here's the quick pen sketch:

Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Little Girl - Glamour Girl

For Carin, the pixel mommy! Here's the sketch of your little girl... Although, now that I look at my sketch, she looks much older than her years.
Thank you so much,
Kelly Newcomer


Christina on her porchHi :]

This is a sketch for Christina and all her wonderful animal friends. they are sharing a serene moment on the porch.

Hope you enjoy!
German S.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Twenty-One Sensational Soccer players

*blows off smoking ballpoint pen*

Phew! Carin Van Kuijk requested me to draw a whopping 21 sketches of "3 adults 18 kids, each on seperated sketches holding the Fifa world cup soccer trophy." She had a link with all the photos to reference from of coaches and players in different poses (smiling, running, etc.) From those references I did my best to make them each holding trophy! The following are the products of this request:

These were done in the order that they were in on the reference page. I hope you enjoy them!