Monday, July 31, 2006

Wake up!

Bjorn requested a sketch from a photo of a kitty giving a good morning kiss.

Here's your sketch!

...maybe in a heart

Matthias sent an image and he wanted it sketched in a heart.

Here it is!

A Few for Robert

a few sketches for a client. Hope you like them. Im having fun with these drawings. Cheers.
Please feel free to comment.

Whatchoo Talkin' 'bout Sketch-it?

If you go to UniqueDaily and check out today's listings you will find sketch-it. We're gaining notoriety but not too fast. We don't want to peak too soon. As a sure sign of that you will see that we are listed right under Gary Colemen.

I still don't know why he's not the governor of California.

Feanne Header

The new header graphic was created by Feanne. Her style is like nothing else I've seen. She's improving her representational skills here at sketch it. If you have a need for stylish and unique designs, ask for a sketch from her. She will not disappoint.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friends in Berlin

Keep up the good work and absolutely rocks!

My Boys

Brothers Robbie and DylanFor Mr. Knowles.

How nice to see two brothers being kind to one another. Let this be a lesson to all of you in this crazy world. I'm sure they have had arguments in the past. They'll probably have a few more before finishing school. Still, that which unites them is stronger than that which divides them.

Feel the love.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Steffen... gwenanni.

Here's a sketch for Steffen! I started to mix around the syllables in my head with the name Gwen Steffani and... well, yea. How peculiar!

Original photo located here!

Her name is Sally!

Has anyone seen the movie Cars? I feel like this would essentially be Sally's cousin that she doesn't talk about much. My goodness... cars are difficult to draw.

Original photo of the wonderful car located here!

Dirk the Daring!

Has anyone played Dragon's Lair before? If you haven't, I suggest you go find your local arcade that plays old Laserdisc games like Space Ace and choke down $10 worth of quarters into it.

Original photo is located here!

Great Willi!

A sketch for Willi! It's not a whale. Sorry to disappoint.

Original photo of this strapping young lad here.

For our friend Dragan

I was sent 2 great pics... I chose to color the picture of the couple because A. I thought it was sweet.. and B. So did my girlfriendwho was sitting right next to me :) ... I had fun here.. I hope you enjoy these.. more to come upon assignment!!


2 for Alexander

Alexander requested a couple sketches and submitted this photo and this photo for reference.

2 for Nils

For Stephan

Here's a drawing from a photograph for a man named Stephan. Thanks again.

Here Kitty, Kitty

A requested sketch of a cat, photo reference provided here

l o v e ... in red; black


Strange. Messy. Beautiful.

Requested by Stephan. I had fun doing this! :3

for Thomas

Hope you like! :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wilke Three

Those Europeans. They always have better clothes and style sense. My wife looked at this sketch and immediately asked if the people I was sketching were from Europe. *Sigh*

for Oliver Hinz in Germany!

These were requested by Oliver.. Im using the computer a lot more to sketch... Im finding it helpful to drop the picture and drawing side by side and draw.. I get a better feeling for the piece.. I hope you enjoy these!!!! they were fun..


For A Friend of ours in Germany!!!

There was a 2nd part to this assignment but Im awaiting the instructions .. so in the meantime here is the first part..
Thank you for your support ..


Deer Gazing

From Mr. Wilke:
Just now i've send you an request with 2 pics via paypal. I've seen you at Ehrensenf and after that I've read your nice offer for Germans.

It's all good. Feel the love.

Wilde Frau

She (on the right side) is quite crazy and wildly, however, a nice person.

Sketch for Aaron

Hi, a sketch complete of a biker at a farm. from photo reference from client. Im having fun with these. Keep 'em coming. Please leave your comments.


Stefan: Part 2

Well, it looks likes two artists were assigned the same photo? I'm not sure but this request is similar to Jason's stellar sketch. Here's my ballpoint pen doodle of this reference photo


Americans have small brainsAn alle deutschsprachigen Besucher. Es tut uns leid, dass wir bei der Sonderaktion für Ehrensenf einen Fehler gemacht haben. Unsere kleinen amerikanischen Gehirne haben nicht bemerkt, dass es noch andere Europäer gibt, die in den Genuss von Ehrensenf kommen.

Wir hoffen Ihr nehmt die Entschuldigung an!

Als Zeichen unserer Bescheidenheit, werden wir das Sketch-It Sonderangebot auf ganz Europa ausweiten und verlängern. Es läuft dann um eine Minute vor 12 am 1. August ab.

To all of our German speaking guests, we are sorry. When we created the special promotion for Ehrensenf viewers, our tiny American brains did not realize that there are others in the European Union that also enjoy some "Honour Mustard".

Please accept our deepest apology.

As a sign of humility, we at sketch-it are going to extend the special offer to all Ehrensenf viewers on the entire European continent! Don't wait. The offer is still set to expire at 23:59 GMT on Tuesday, 01 August, 2006.

1.Tom & Kira, and 2. Kira

Hi there another few pics for a client. Happy looking pair. Please post a comment.

Julia photo request

Hi, a quick skecth for a client named Julia. Please leave a comment. thanks!


Oh мой бог они убили Kenny Вы сволочи

Oh my god they killed b******s

Lol The request was for some kids in a soviet neighborhood with a lada car out in front. Well there aren't so many pics of lada cars so I had to guess.

It was really quick but I had fun doing it

feel free to hit my site:


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Here we've got two sketches for Christoph! Man, with a name like that, I imagine he'd drive a car that had seventeen wheels and a penguin driver. Oh, and an ice cream maker in the back maintained by Takeshi Kaga (the host from the Japanese version of Iron Chef).

Original photo is located here.

I like that hat. Gimme.

Here we have a picture for Robert. Swanky hat, kid. I'd throw a pad of butter on the forehead of an old person for a hat like that.

Original photo located here.

sketch for Mike

Here's a sketch from a photo for a client. Keep sending those requests!
And post a comment.


Sketch Request for Christian Wolf

Hey , here's a sketch for a client I had fun with, Enjoy and feel free to post a comment.


Karen's Pics

Three photos-turned-sketches for Karen