Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm gettin' too old for this

That's what I think Superman would say at the age of 54. What a great movie that would make, Superman the old guy. If he's invincible would he get old or not?

Italian Memory for Sarah

A sketch of a pic from our honeymoon

Acme Corp.

Ginormous Hugantic Head

Sometimes we get requests to create a charicature of a person. This is the first time we've received a request to sketch from a photo that already looks like a charicature. It's a simple digital trick used by Jay Leno to make his chin even larger *shudder* these morphed out images still kinda creep me out.

Brian on his bed

Not what I was expecting when I read the request. I guess the bed is out of frame. Rather than create something literal based on the request, I created something based on what I saw.

Had a GREAT time in Florida!

"Me and some friends in Florida"

For Hung

Hung requested a caricture of the photo he provided. Here's my quick take on it:

For Jason

Jason submitted a photo of he and his girlfriend skating, here's the quick sketch:

Drop one for Vi Khuu.

I think it's a tad bit too late (or is it early?) in the middle of the night to post any comments that will garner a 'guffaw'.

One for Sherman.

Here's a nice lady for Sherman.

Trying my best to capture the facial features... but the photo was kinda small. I guess I'll make due with what I have.


Robot for James

We've got one for James and his robot (it was actually a robot with wheels... but hey, I'm not that great at circuitry or Circuit City, for that matter).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Requested Artists

Custom Work 3We have been getting a few requests in lately that ask for a specific artist. If you do in fact get the artist you asked for, congratulations, you are lucky. Each request is assigned to the next available artist in the order they were received.

Some artists are more in demand than others. That's great. We love getting fan mail or even nice comments linked to our posts. If you absolutely want a specific artist create your sketch, you can contact them directly and ask. Just click their profile link in the upper left corner of this site. Drop them an email and work something out.

You, the customer, get a digital version of the sketch. All original artwork created through sketch-it remains the property of the artist that creates the sketch. That is, unless you contact the artist them and buy it.



Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dancer for Hung

Here we have a balet dancer for Hung.

I'm curious how the entire world of Sketch-It would react if I started going back to the original, wanderingpanda cartoon style.

Perhaps all the air in the world will turn into wood.


This picture was requested to be done in a more cartoony fashion... like Questionable Content or Clone High.

A style I'm highly comfortable with.

In Memoriam

Picture of recently decesed father - Akshai

I hope that I honor your late father with a good sketch. Here at sketch-it we do a lot of sketches for people that are an expression of love. We don't do any hurtful or hateful sketches.

Share the love. It's more fun.

For Sharon

Cute dog!


Follow the link to Cute Overload and you will discover that the kitties were snoring an almost imperceptible snore.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a little prayer

Kids praying

Continuous Crown

Used a biro for this one. This is more difficult to do than it looks! :)


Crown Royale!

A building and an aunt!

I was away this weekend. Poot!

Super Camper Team

"I'd love a sketch of me and my co-workers working at our summer camp!"

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Katy Header

In keeping with a newly established tradition, this week's header has been created by Kate of the U.K. Check her stuff out here and here. From what we've seen so far this illustration is classic Kate. She's got a rough-around-the-edges and energetic style that employs ink, a steel pen nib and paper. Not bad in todays technomalogical world.

For Steven

For Jonathan

I hope this is ok, I know that you wanted Soulchoice to do it. Very fun photo though! :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

For Jeroen

Sketch for Jeroen:

Little Fox

Martin submitted a this photo that was turned into this sketch:


:) here's my take!

Subtractive Babies

Getting my mind to see only the light and not the shadows and then draw the areas of light and not the shadows is really, really difficult. I am so used to seeing shapes of shadow that create lines and shapes and forms. Turning that around requires me to study the subject more. I have to force myself to not look at the shadow. Every now and then I try it. Some look great some look adequate. Which category does this fall under? You tell me.

I will say that it took a lot more pen strokes to add the areas of light on this one.

Continuous Crown Series

Here's part of the "Continuous Crown" series, where part of doing the sketch is not letting the pen leave the page, here's my sketchy, ball-point, continuous line crown:

Hoodie Buddies

I did this one with a really fat paint pen. It's made by Sharpie. The nib is about 3/8 inch wide. It uses oil-based paint. The pen was manufactured in Vietnam.

If you get any of this stuff on your walls or furniture don't expect any help from the Sharpie web site. They have burried cleaning suggestions deep in there. If you do find it you will notice that they punt, saying something to the effect that there's just so many darn variables that we can't make any one recommendation for removal.

I tell you all of this because my son got a hold of one of the big-fat black paint pens and proceeded to color an antique chair from his grandparents. Luckily it was the water-based variety of black paint pen. Not sure why I had it but thankfully that's the one he chose.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gettin' Creamed!

Framing is everything. Since this photo was kinda small and had all sorts of other things going on in it, I decided to focus on the action. I also gave it a very loose pen style to go along with the whole chase metaphor. I also re-posed the characters and made them more dynamic.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good sketch.

Wake Up Maggie


Good Maggie. Good Lulu.


Adam & Shelly

Feel the love. All of these sketches of people kissing each other. I must admit to enjoying a little peck on the cheek myself. Both giving and receiving.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

cute couple! the guys reminded me of Andy Samberg... mightve been the hair...

2 kids underwater..

A bit more rushed than usual.. Im in a pinch for time these days.... :(


For James

For Kortney

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sarah & Jerome

Steve sent a reference photo of his sister and her fiancee... here's the resulting sketch: