Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shane Insane :: Artist Profile #1

Custom Illustration by Morgan Owens

This is Shane Corn. He is, among many other things, a contributing artist here at sketch-it. We want you, the visitors, to know us, the artists, a little better. That's why we've created a semi-regularly occuring feature called "Artist Profile". Below is a conversation with Shane.

Sketch-It: You spent a year in Chi-town and the last five in L.A. Where are you from?
Shane: Northern California ( San Joaquin County Bay Area )

S-I: Being self taught, when did you receive your first terrible but good critique of your work?
Shane: My first real critique came from a friend of mine,,, he was really hard on me and hurt my feelings it really rocked me and pushed me to become a better designer..

S-I: Why did you leave your job at the Cartoon Network working on "Camp Lazlo"?
Shane: Laid off... They wanted to change designers, I aint mad at em.. it's how the buisness goes..

S-I: Who was your early champion, telling you to forget what everyone else said about being practical in your career choice and follow your talent in drawing?
Shane: My parents have always been really supportive but I guess it was my friends here (in LA) who made me feel like what I was doing was right... Like I belong in animation and design

S-I: Do you often commiserate with fellow artists and blow off steam?
Shane: I am the guy who started the Los Angeles based Sketchbook yeah.. we are a group that tries to get together monthly and draw together and talk over beers and relax... It will be 5 years in october.. we started with 7 people now its a global thing happening world wide.. most recently in Japan... ( there are about 35 members, some old schoolers some new recruits, at every function )

S-I: If you could be any type of medium what would you be? Pencil? Brush? Watercolor?
Shane: I'd be Paint... at least right now.. been painting a lot.. LOL I love that paint is so OPEN for expression.. it can be tight and classic it can be very abstract there is color and B/W there is texture... It's like the ultimate medium for me.. and I love the way it moves..

S-I: Right handed or left handed?
Shane: Both... Im ambidex.

S-I: What does your workspace look like? Ordered chaos? Sickeningly organized?
Shane: Some would say I work in a mess .. Francis Bacon would call my workplace immaculate.. It's a controlled chaos.. I know where most things are.. and I like it that way!

S-I: Who would you like to have draw you? This can be anyone in history dead or alive.
Shane: dead...Norman Rockwell.. that man was like the Jesus of illustration... Alive..Claire Wendling or Peter DeSeve .. They are both fantastic

S-I: If you suddenly lost your sight what would you do?
Shane: Ive thought about this a million times and I always come to the same conclusion.. I'd sculpt.. and be an imagination machine for people.. describing what I could see for them to design around. since I have already been given this fantastic gift of sight....

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Shane said...

Morgan YOU RIPPED THIS SHI* that portrait is awesome!!!! Thanks for taking the time... WOW!

Anonymous said...

What a boost to read your comment. VERY happy you approve. Thanks.