Thursday, October 05, 2006

We're Closing

After 9 months sketch-it is closing for good. Thank you all for your wonderful requests. It was our pleasure to create personalized artwork for you.

All of the sketch-it artists completed around 800 sketches. The site generated over 80,000 visits. At its peak, around 118 other blogs linked here yielding a Technorati ranking of 20,000 something. There was a month or so where we received 30 requests a week! It's a good thing we had 10 artists completing sketches at that time or we'd still be backlogged.

The whole thing was an idea I hatched while talking to a friend of mine. In the begining of Janurary I threw up a simple site and waited to see what happened. It grew into an amazing collaborative experiment.

Since I'm an artist and not a programmer, the site never became automated. Each request was received, assigned and finalized by me. This manual process meant I spent an increasing amount of time managing requests and less time sketching them.

I'm going to keep the site up because there's some great artwork on here. I and the other artists may still post artwork here from time to time. The shopping cart has been removed so we wont be taking any more requests.

Awed Job
a.k.a. Scott Moore


Bubbashelby said...


I am sorry to see it go. I have been out of it for a couple months and was just getting ready to jump back in again (starting with my drawing for Morgan.)

I understand the massive amount of work it must have been to keep it going. It was a fun ride!


Anonymous said...


I, too, am sorry to see it go. Sketch-It has been a wonderful experience for me, and will miss the trading of images. Thank you for the effort and ideas you put into it - it has been worth every ounce of your energy.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

To all you Sketchers:

I've truly enjoyed working along side you at Sketch-It. Each of you have an amazing talent. I hope to see you again soon.


kate said...

I'm sorry to see it go too. Its such a unique website, full of so many talented artists. Thankyou Scott for creating this wonderful site. To all the artists I will miss seeing your work.

Anyway keep on sketching!


Anonymous said...

:( I was just coming back to place another order. It's sad to see you go, this was such an ingenius and creative idea. I wish you all well, you're all great artists.

Josh said...

Thanks for the ride Scott! It was a blast. To fellow Sketchers... Sketch On!

Feanne said...

Thanks for letting me join, and assigning me sketches, having confidence in me, and running this place like a pro. :) Good luck with everything and I'm glad to have worked here!

EleriCooks said...


if the universe ever handed you an automated site, would Sketch It live again?

Awed Job said...

Yeah. Sure. I'd fire this bad-boy up again. I am open to receiving all sorts of goodness.