Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jeep that is Atomic

version 1
version 2
Can you do it in a similar style to the Bill Head on your blog?

Not only can we do a similar style, because we are feeling extra nice we'll have the same artist that drew the Bill Head sketch draw your sketch. Don't get used to this sort of thing. Typically the next artist in the queue gets your request.

Because the artist was a little late in getting this request completed, he decided to create two versions. Also not normally part of the deal. But that's the beauty of things that come from sketch-it. We can add an extra flourish if we want to. We're artists. We're supposed to be nutty and unpredictable.

We set the expectation bar really low. One request + one dollar + one minute = one sketch. Anything beyond that is gravy. Such are the unexpected blessings in life. Covered in gravy I mean.

1 comment:

northwind said...

i saw you visited my blog, here i visit yours :)
and i luved your drawings
lucky 4 you cuz u have this ability but i do not
gotta go
nice to know you :)