Saturday, July 22, 2006


To keep things fresh around here, in addition to posting sketches every day, we like to regularly change the Header Graphic. Sometimes it's not changed because we are not inspired to create a new one. Today inspiration struck.

I created this sketch while holding the pen in my mouth. Remember those stories on "Real People" and "That's Incredible"? They'd show a quadrapeligic person sketch a beautiful image by holding a pencil or paint brush in their mouths. Every now and then I wonder what would happen if I was paralyzed. Would I continue to create art?

The sketch took a long time. My jaw was very sore when I finished.

There was a man in my college comic book drawing class who was in a wheel chair. He had partial use of his hands. There was some sort of metal brace on his hands that he could use to grasp things by moving his arms a certain way. Once he had the pen he'd start drawing.

I'll have to dig up my old comic book the class created as part of their final for that class. It's somewhere in my office here.

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