Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketch-it Invades Germany

After firing up my email this afternoon and seeing 13 requests all coming from the same Country Coded Top Level Domain of .DE I wondered what was going on. Then I looked at the linkage to sketch-it and it all became clear. Ehrensenf Internet TV featured sketch-it in one of their segments.

I don't speak German but I have to assume that we got nothing but high praise considering the number of requests that have come in. The sketch has already been completed by WanderingPanda and you can view it here.

As a special thank you to our friends from Deutschland, sketch-it will make a special offer to all requests coming from the CC TLD of .DE. Buy a sketch from sketch-it, mention you saw the segment on Ehrensenf.de, and get a second sketch absolutely free. This offer is only good until 11:59pm GMT on Tuesday, 01Aug2006. Make sure you mention the segment on Ehrensenf.de and don't forget to request TWO sketches.


Shane said...

Thats sooo rad!!

Awed Job said...

Television = Honour Mustard

I went to the translation web site babelfish.altavista.com and entered the URL for Ehrensenf:
and discovered what the name means:

What means the name honour mustard?

Honour mustard is a Anagramm of the word "television". Thus, the same letters in another order. Because honour mustard is television. Only differently. If one looks exactly, one finds a reference to the InterNet in the Ehrensenf Logo also.

Anonymous said...

ItÄs like rocketboom, but much better, believ me ..

Anonymous said...

Television = Honour Mustard
in german language:
Fernsehen = Ehrensenf

Anonymous said...

In german there is also the expression "seinen Senf dazu geben", meaning, adding ones mustard - like "my two cents" of just making a comment on something. Sometimes the comment might be a little bit annoying like: "oh, so you had to add your mustard (comment) to that?".

And commenting is, what the video blog is about.

Awed Job said...

Thank you so much for that. Now we all can understand better what that mustard show is all about.

Maja, my friend from Germany has moved with her husband and little boy to Philadelphia and I have no idea what all the comments above say.

I've translated them all with software but there is a lot missing in such a translation.