Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From the Archives 003

Thank you to Kelly Newcomer for sitting in for me this weekend. She did a bang-up job. In one day I think she got more requests than I've received the whole time this site's been up. Way to go. Do you all like the guest-sketch feature? I have other interested artists who want to sit in and take your requests.

It's hard to believe I drew this picture fifteen years ago. My sister was just starting her family. Her cat had kittens in a bit of foreshadowing. My sister now has four delightful children.

I used a rapidio-graph pen. They are very precise drawing implements but a pain to keep clean. I may go pick one up this weekend for a bit of nostalgia. I was a much better illustrator back then. I drew lots every day. No idea how long this one took.

Want me to stop yammering on about the good ol' days? Request a sketch. It's only a buck!

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