Saturday, February 25, 2006

Something to Cry About

I drew this on a 24 x 36 sheet of posterboard with a Sharpie Paint Pen as part of a new sketch-it service called "writ-large". For weeks I have been hoping for snow so I could "sketch" something in my backyard. I'm talking an image twenty feet by thirty feet!

Today I stopped at my local art store Art Materials and picked up some new supplies. I purchased the Sharpie, some more speedball ink, some nibs and a new rapidoliner pen.

Posting the photo of my "Left One Out" painting got me pining for the days when I made big art. I was spoiled as a senior in college. I had my very own studio with lots of room. After purchasing an entire bolt of canvas from a fabric store (strange thing was the fabric was gray instead of off-white) I stretched a bunch of four, five and six foot canvases.

Whether you feel like shouting out your sketch-it request or mentioning it to me in the slightest whisper, we've got you covered.

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