Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Time Lapse Higway

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This is my first contribution to a new concept of an open source/wiki stock video service I am calling "Spice-Rack". There are plenty of companies out there that will charge you money for stock footage. With all of the currently available public domain footage and the increasing amount of new Creative Commons licensed video, there's no need for a filmmaker or vlogger to have to pay for that sort of thing.

The idea came to me about a month ago when I first started sketch-it. I tend to get ideas in a flurry and must write them all down lest they get lost back into the ether. The "Spice-Rack" idea re-surfaced when I came up with another idea for a vlogging game called Treasure Hunt.

It took me a long time to hunt down video clips from current available sources. Some people call this farming. Why not share the load? If I go out farming and find some cool clips of flowers waving in the breeze and the video is licensed under the friendly (cc) , then why not allow others to benefit from my labor?

I already have a slew of catagories at the left but I am going to add more with the creation of the Spice-Rack. If you are interested in contributing, just drop me a comment here and point me to the URL of some cool video clips that can be used as stock footage for the rest of the world.

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