Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Left Out

The header graphic for this week was drawn with my non-drawing hand. My left hand. I normally draw with my right hand. As an exercise to improve my creativity, I began drawing and painting with my other hand. It forced me to actually look at my subject and transfer it onto the canvas. No longer could I rely on habits or short-cuts.

By changing our perspective or routine, we open ourselves up to new experiences and the chance to become something more.

The title of the painting above is "The Left One Out". I painted it with my left hand back in 1990. I did a whole series of gargantuan-sized paintings of hands my senior year in college. It is obviously a painting of the right hand. It is also a painting of the wrong hand. The kind of hand that gets left out. The hand of a cripple.

Have you ever been in the minority? How did it make you feel? Did you view the world differently? Is it an experience that has lasted?

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