Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Know Thyself

Here are a couple of cross-reference sketches. They are both from my archives and they are also guest-sketches. If you have been wondering to yourself what the face behind the hands of sketch-it looks like, these sketches will give you some idea.

Sure, a photo or video will enable you to pick me out of a line-up. The beauty of art is a drawing of me can tell you so much more.

The first sketch is by Mandy Troxel, formerly Mandy Horak. I met Mandy while taping "Open Mic at Ginko Coffeehouse". This was a hair-brained idea I had to produce a public access show featuring local bluegrass and folk singers at a coffee shoppe down the street from my house.

I think Mandy sketched me on a trip to Brainerd, MN. Yes there is a town whose name is comprised of the words Nerd and Brain. My friend Anne was going to sing with Mandy at the Low Key Cafe owned by Norma and Kumar.

I was already in awe of Mandy's voice and musical talent. Then she up and floors me with a quick sketch. My eyes are drawn smaller and more visible than I think of them. It makes me look calm and serene. Both words I would not associate with that particular time in my life.

I used to have long hair. I wore it in a ponytail. Drove the women crazy, or so I thought. I don't have many photographs of myself with the long hair.

Adam Underwood, my 3D Studio Max student, sketched this picture of me in October, 1997. Why he drew me as Samurai Warrior I'm not sure. I remember Adam being a very talented. He created an animated short of a cigarette smoking character who flicks his cherried stub at a bird in a birdbath and extinguishes the fire with a stream of urine.

The magic of the internets was not able to reveal Adam's current wherabouts so there's no link to his web site.

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