Monday, February 20, 2006

No Privacy in Nature

Bigfoot has just found a tent in the woods, pitched there by a young couple who have gone off hiking. He is rummaging through their backpacks and has just found something very interesting.

Perhaps my most elaborate request to date. After contemplating the "very interesting" something I decided to get cerebral instead of sophomoric. Let's see if you can figure out what old Sasquatch has in his hands.


Kelly Newcomer said...

That is a great interpretation of the request!
I have no idea what that is... It looks like tofu. I requested this for Eugene Parnell because he said he wanted a sketch of it, but it was such a complex narrative request!!! So, I wanted Scott, the "PRO" to draw it! Big foot certainly is a big guy!

Awed Job said...

It's not tofu. Not even close. It's a very important rock.

Keith said...

It's the rosetta stone, of course.