Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Perfect Gift

Guilty GuyIsn't today that day where that guy died and now I'm supposed to buy a card or something for my wife because everyone else does?


It's the gift that keeps on giving. The Catholic Church knows this. Let's not forget Guilt's burly, older brother, Shame. Guilt says, "You did a bad thing" or "You better not screw up." Shame says, "You are a screw up."

As much as we at sketch-it love to fulfill requests for art, we ask that you not purchase a sketch-it sketch today because some smarmy greeting card ad told you to. Don't give us your money because the one you love most dearly has been dropping hints like a bomber over Baghdad.

It may mean that you have to take some extra heat for a few weeks but wait. Wait until the first week of March and then request a sketch. That's spontenaity! That's the stuff love is made of.

Whenever you look at him or her across the room and are filled with warm, fuzzy feelings, tell them you love them. Don't stuff it back down your throat with that extra tall frosty beer and wait for a prescribed moment on the Love Clock.

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