Friday, January 13, 2006


Look! A sketch of a monkey on a banana. We at sketch-it are not constrained by two dimensions. Art is everywhere. We consume it. Literally.

Name a piece of food and I'll give you a sketch on it. That is provided I have that piece of food in my kitchen. I could do special requests but please limit your querries to in-season fruit.

Having said that I realize that bananas don't grow in Minnesota and never in season here. It was lying around and I have been on a monkey-drawing tear lately so I thought, "What the heck?"

I've been inspired by this piece to consider decaying food art. By sketching into the surface of a butternut squash with a knife, the image will undergo a metamorphosis. With each microscopic bacteria eating away at the vegetable flesh, a new work of art will emerge.

Give me an image to inscribe on the soon to be famous squash. I'll post an update every day and you can track the progress.

"Dude," you might be saying, "rotting food is not art."

"Oh yeah?" says I, "just you watch!"

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Kelly Newcomer said...

If you haven't eaten the squash, it might be nice to see a bird on it. I know people have done this on the growing pumpkins by inscribing a name on a tiny squash, as it grows still on the vine, the name gets stretched out and bigger. Gotta try that this spring.