Friday, January 20, 2006

a sketch of my son

Another request fulfilled.

Likenesses are perhaps the most difficult sketches to create. The people that ask for them, either wanting one of themselves or one of a family member, have intimate knowledge of that person. They know what the sketch "should" look like.

Pile on top of this difficulty, the subject is a child. I'm used to drawing adults. I often make all my sketches of people, young or old, look the same age. Often the age tends to be my age.

There are many components to creating a good sketch. The most pertinent ones in this instance are proportion, rendition and likeness. The boys eyes don't look like they are sliding off his face so I've got item one down. The lines are purposefull and not errant so that takes care of numero dos. I'll have to wait for a comment from the patron to find out if I got the final one.

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Anonymous said...

From the patron:
Wow! That's super! super duper. Thank you so much. Everett looks pretty much just like that.
-=Kelly Newcomer