Monday, January 16, 2006

Monkey Lisa?

decayA huckster found the secret burial site of the great musical genius, Motzart. This scoundrel was determined to discover the secret of his last unfinished symphony and thought it may be buried with the artist.

After exhuming the tomb he pulled the lid off the sarcophagus and peered into the crypt. Mozart looked up at the man and said, "Leave me alone. I'm decomposing."

Everything in the universe is moving from a state of order to disorder.
  1. Plants grow.
  2. They yield fruit.
  3. We eat the fruit.
  4. Discard the peels.
  5. Bacteria feast.
  6. The peel decomposes.
  7. New dirt is created.
  8. Another plant emerges.
Even the Mona Lisa, encased in a special environment, shielded by harmful rays, is returning to the dust from whence it came. A picture of a monkey on a banana peel is a more immediate demonstration of this concept. I don't think anyone will shed a tear at its passing. Once it's gone, BananaMonkey will live on only in our memory.

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