Monday, January 30, 2006

Drinkin' Buddies

"A man in a stylish suit and tie with a donkey head sitting across from a large fat carp, both drinking iron city beers."

So sayeth bottomunion.

So draweth sketch-it.

Yes, this one took longer than sixty seconds. How many exactly? Three-hundred sixty four.

I just felt like spending a bit more time on this one. Considering that bottomunion is such a loyal customer and all.

Also, I was inspired by Tom Judd's Everyday. Some guy in the UK decided he was going to draw one drawing a day for a whole year. Ah-Maze-Zing! His drawings cover an entire page and they are more like many drawings instead of just one. The images are so dense it takes a while to view just one of them. It is definately a site I will return to. Again and again.

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