Wednesday, January 11, 2006

a sketchy idea

Here's a copy of the email I sent out to my friends and family telling them about this web site. It's going to catch on like wild fire. Or not.

I have no idea why there is so much white space below this text and above the email.

There should be no limits to your artistic expression. That's why I am here to help.

Not so long ago I was enjoying some food and wine with my friend Anne at a local eatery. We talked about the Million Dollar Homepage and "Hobo Artistry," the idea that the only limitation to one's art ought to be their creativity. Certainly money shouldn't get in the way of a good idea.

Anne applied the million dollar idea to her own creative pursuits as a singer and came up with a really cool idea that you will hear about soon. She suggested I do the same with my drawing. "Heck, why not?" I thought.

You can turn ten words into something worth a thousand words.

If you'd like an image to accompany your idea, go to Want to buy that special someone a unique, personalized and not to mention inexpensive gift? Go to Even if you never bought anything online before and want to overcome your fears, go to


Tell me what you want me to draw

Pay me $1

I'll post your sketch on my blog


Anonymous said...

scott, This sounds really cool!! Good luck with it, you are sooo talented I'm sure it'll be a hit!! Love kath

Awed Job said...

Well, gosh. Thanks. It means a lot coming from you. We shall see what happens.