Friday, January 13, 2006

Making the Rounds

In the spirit of creativity and openness (there's 18 meanings for the word open), Hand Holding PDA has begun its circulation. The wacky folks over at Evilutionary Virtual Vlog have started workin' the first sketch-it sketch for hire.

That's what happens when the lunatics are given the keys to the asylum. Noone trying to screw anyone over. Randomness and beauty result.

Your sketch-it requested sketch need not have the same grand designs. Start simply and see where the day takes you. It's easy.

Did I mention that it only costs one single American dollar? I did? Well, it is worth repeating. Like right now. Get your very own custom drawn sketch for one-hundred pennies. Fill out the "Sketch Description" form and click "Buy a Sketch". If only all art were this easy.

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