Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Hardest Part

Well, the waiting is the hardest part. Here I've built the better mouse trap and now I must wait for the world to beat a path to my door. Who wouldn't want a customized sketch of anything they like?

I've been debating the "anything" part of that previous statement. I won't draw porn for you. Nor will I draw hurtful or mean things. I get to decide what I will and will not draw. If you are unsure whether I will draw something, leave a comment in the latest post and I'll let you know.

My friend Nicole tells me that I am charging too little for my artwork. Perhaps. I am in a generous mood. Consider it my gift to you. To the world. We need more art in the world.

When I was contemplating the "tagline" for this project I was thinking of using, "Because I can draw and you can't". But that sounded too snobbish. Perhaps you can draw and you just don't realize it yet. Who am I to limit your abilities? Once you see your ideas realized by my hand you might decide you can do better. Great. That just means there's more art getting created.

Instead of sitting here and drumming my fingers on my desk I will drum them on my keyboard and tell all my friends and family about this new service. It has so many applications.
  1. A special gift for that person who's impossible to buy for.
  2. Get images for something you only have words to describe.
  3. Anthropomorphize your pet.
  4. Receive a visual interpretation of your favorite sonnet.
I could go on but I wont. You will get the best sixty-second sketch you can buy online.

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