Friday, January 13, 2006


No sooner do I go on and on with all the stuff I won't do, Nicole sends me a sketch request for one of the longest words in the English language that just happens to be sung in a certain live action/animated mash-up by a certain company whose mascot is a rodent.

I begged off but she was persistent. I checked into the matter further and discovered that Disney had actually been sued over the song by a couple of songwriters. The songwriters lost because affidavits were produced that showed "variants of the word were known to and used by them many years prior to 1949."

Score one for fair use.

My hope is that P. L. Travers would be proud of my sketch. An article from a recent issue of the New Yorker stated something to the effect that she was not pleased with the Disney-ification of her literary characters. She originally refused Walt's earlier attempts to buy the film rights.

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nicole said...

I LOVE THIS DRAWING! I didn't imagine a tongue-twister when I made my request. This crazy madame had to take you more than a minute, so I'll pay extra... You should be charging more anyway!

I will bother you with other problematic copyrighted requests again soon. A spoonful of sugar is too easy.....