Saturday, January 14, 2006

woodchuck playing ragtime piano and singing

Adam Quirk from Bullemhead requested a sketch of a piano playing, singing woodchuck. He may color it and use it as the logo for his Singing Woodchuck Variety Minute. I would be honored if he does.

He could mention sketch-it to his minions and spread some art around. The world needs more art. Now.

Proselytizing the artistically ignorant one sketch at a time.



bullemhead said...

This is great!

Awed Job said...

Glad you like it Adam. Another satisfied customer.

bottomunion said...

very nice
I need to open a paypal
account, I have two subjects
that definitely need to be sketched.

Awed Job said...


You can purchase a sketch with just a credit card using the same paypal form. Still, it is a good idea to get some sort of online micro-payment thingy set up. It was for me.