Saturday, April 22, 2006

Barcelona Mirage

"My reflection in a Barcelona window."


With many more artists here on sketch-it, you, the patron are able to request more sketches and receive them in a timely manner. I, the creator of sketch-it, am sketching less and administrating more. That kind of bums me out. I started this whole experiment so that I'd draw more.

One of the good things about being the person who hands out the request assignments to the artists is that when a real juicy request comes in, I get first dibs. When I saw the image that Caitlin wanted a sketch of, I jumped at the chance to sketch it.

It took me back to an ink wash I attempted back in college (shown right). I was inspired by the work of Richard Estes. He's a super-realist painter from Chicago. His most famous painting is of three old-style phone booths gleaming in the sun. He also painted confectioner shops. The play of light and shadow revealed and occluded details behind the store window and the things outside.

It's harder to recreate than one would think.

How about accomplishing it as part of a sketch-it? It took me 9 minutes and 5 seconds. Not bad. I had grander plans. Perhaps I will do a longer version. Such is my prerogative. Come back later and look for it.

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Caitlin Dixon said...

fantastic sketch! I'm so excited. Thank you so much.