Saturday, April 01, 2006

Minnesota Senate District 61 DFL Convention

waiting at the MN SD 61 convetion I was a delegate for my precinct today at the Minnesota Senate District 61 DFL convention held at South High School. I've been to conventions and caucuses before but this is my first time attending as a delegate.

I anticipated that it would be a good opportunity to people watch and to sketch. I was not disappointed. There's a lot that goes on and much to be accomplished. There is also a lot of waiting.

I was able to complete about 15 sketches. They range anywhere from 30 second jestures to 5 minute studies. Being one of the more progressive DFL Districts there was a rainbow variety of subjects to choose for my sketches.

One of the first sketches I completed was of "Kiddo 2," a Yorkie in a wheelie carrier. His owner, Barb, was waiting in line with me to check in. I promised her I'd copy this sketch and mail it to her since she doesn't have a computer to access the internet.

"Kiddo 2" has attended the Westminster dog show. He goes by many other names like "Flash" and "I Kidd You Not". He only weighs four and a half pounds which is about how much my son weighed as a preemie.

That's one tiny dog.

There was a huge ballot of something like 85 resolutions and only 34 could pass along to the next convention. Next time I'm going to arrive early just to do that. It was four pages front and back!

The real fun started with the "Walking" sub-caucuses. Pick an issue or a candidate and hang out with your leader. The magic number at the start was 16 delegates.

Klobuchar-Education was the one I chose. My wife and I donated to Amy Klobuchar's campaign last year shortly after she declared she was running. She's my choice for the best person to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. If she gets the endorsement, she will be going up against Consumertive, Mark Kennedy.

After a few rounds, our sub-caucus merged with the Klobuchar-Undeclared folks and began working on sending two delegates to the state convention. There was a slight hiccup in the procedings when our sub-caucus was mistakenly overlooked as making the cut.

It was ironed out and I'm happy to report that the Klobuchar-Education-Undeclared sub-caucus is sending Scott Persons and Barb Lickness to the state convention.

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Tenth Ward Activist said...

Yeah! Glad to hear abt your experiences. I went to the Minnesota Senate District 60 convention... We had over 150 resolutions to read through! Good stuff. Until I began this (and I'd never been to a caucus before), I was disenchanted with our country and thought seriously about moving to Canada where they seem more progressive and they have health care for all. It was enlightening to learn that the democrats here view universal health care for all people as a primary objective in their party platform.