Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WK Trophy

I received this request for this sketch today:

a little boy that holds the WK trophy from soccer, he has to have facial similairity like this picture if possible...facial lines of the boy please with the WK trophy from soccer, he's number 14 ;)

This was the picture used for reference:


And from that I sketched this ballpoint pen drawing:

I had no idea what a "WK Trophy" was, and I didn't have anything to reference (I did try to find it...I googled "WK Trophy" quick and it didn't result in anything). I hope you enjoy the sketch! Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think!


Carin said...

Oh wow this is awesome I just showed him the sketch and my little boy is so happy with it!
Wonderful job it's so pretty I will be back for more sketches for sure ;)

Josh said...

Great! Glad to hear that! I'm happy you folks liked it.

Remco said...

WK means wereld kampionschap in Dutch which means world championship in English. This is probably done for a kid who loves soccer and is looking forward to the world championship soccer in Germany this summer. I think #14 was Johan Cruyff's number...argubaly on of the best soccer players The Netherlands has seen!

Carin said...

Your correct there Remco, myboy plays soccer and he always has the teamshirt with number 14, recently it can be a 7 as well D Kuyt from Feyenoord *dutch as well*

But since my boy is so happy with his drawing, my hubby * his coach* decided to order a drawing for ALL kids in his team.....and guess who got to pay for it hahahahaha tank you for the info Remco, I was wondering for 2 weeks why the artist didnt know, go figure I forgot to put it in in english duh me hahahah no problem he still loves his drawong!!!