Friday, April 21, 2006

Italian Jew--beautiful, classy, but sad and trapped in the Pacific Northwest. She is looking forward to Easter.

The above title was the request from Aaron Klemm. It was accompanied by a link ( which did not work, so I took my best shot.

I'll break it down for y'all:

Italian [sportscar] Jew [Star of David] --beautiful, classy [Evening Gown] but sad [Tear Drops] and trapped in the Pacific Northwest [Redwoods - Bigfoot]. She is looking forward to Easter [Basket of Eggs].

Maybe I took this one too literally? ;)


Awed Job said...

This would be a good image to start off a game of Eat Poop You Cat. My title for this image would be, "A mermaid's car is broken down in the woods and her conehead husband isn't any help." Now we just need someone to take my description and draw it without looking at Bubbashelby's sketch and we're off and running.

Anonymous said...

The conehead is BigFoot. She wouldn't want his help me thinks.