Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flip Side

"Hey Awed! Sketch me something Elerish..."


This one goes out to Eleri, the number one fan of PX!. She's also the founding member of W.I.S.H. or Wikkity Is So Hot. That's why I penned an image of Mr. Jones for her request.

Ever expanding my horizons, I decided to create this sketch as a white on black, or a subtractive image. I add areas of light and leave the areas of shadow. If I want a black line, I need to construct the white space on either side so a black line remains.

Beginning with a black sheet of paper and slowly subtracting the light areas really puts my mind through the ringer. I have to conciously study the areas of light that I so often forget about when working on a white sheet of paper. It's a technique that prohibits me from using any illustrative slight of hand or shortcuts.

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Eleri Hamilton said...

Tres nifty, Awed, thanks!