Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wikitainment: where the audience is the author.

mail art by Mim Scalin
A couple of ramblings about the image above:
  1. We could fulfill requests with collage sketches in addition to the hand drawn variety.
  2. It's great to get real, live mail delivered in the physical world.
  3. Did you ever play "Tag" as a child?
So, tell us in the comments section below if you are interested in receiving collage sketches. I'll go forth and recruit some collage artists and add them to the roster of contributors.

In the 2.0 version of sketch-it we are contemplating additional services. One service being considered is "Go Postal" where you the customer can request a sketch on a post card, add a message and we'll mail it to that special someone. This will obviously cost more than a dollar.

I've got a side project called TAG it's like the child's game but it's been updated a bit. I mailed a disposable CVS video camera to Mica Scalin with a simple set of rules. Mica was instructed to record five minutes of video on the camera and then send it to someone else. The person she "Tagged" was her mother Mim Scalin. Then her mother recorded an additional five minutes.

Mim then shipped the camera to FRIPS in Belgium who also gets five minutes of record time on the camera. Mim sent me a handmade piece of mail art (above) to let me know taht FRIPS, the next person, had been tagged. Who knows where it's going next. That's up to FRIPS. Kind of like a digital message in a bottle.

The fifth person who gets the camera is instructed to return the camera to me in Minneapolis. Then I'll download the video and post it online. I can't wait to see what everyone has contributed.

I've got another one of those CVS cameras and I'd love to send it to you. Let me know if you are interested.

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Mica said...

I am really anxious to see the resulting video!