Sunday, April 09, 2006

Maltese Fido

My oldest "raised" daughter, Linda, who lives in New York City, is absolutely nutso about her little Maltese dog, Bonnie. This "illness" is quite common in the Big Apple. At any rate, the dog's "birthday" is Tuesday, 4/11 -- she will be 5 years old. I have searched high and low for a birthday card to the dog with no success. I would love to surprise Linda with an original creation for Bonnie's birthday.

Can you help?

By separate email I will send you a picture of Bonnie -- most people don't even know what a Maltese looks like, and most pictures available on line are of show dogs, which have an entirely different "clip" than Bonnie has.

I like Bonnie's hair style better than your average Maltese. Putting a bow or barrette on a dog is somehow undignified. We love our pets. And they love us. Enough to endure foofy "clips" and sweater vests with matching booties.

Happy 5th Birthday Bonnie.

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tony- said...

That is really cool. How can I send you a picture so you can capture the likeness of my maltese Guzzi Goo, who passed away earlier this year? Best regards, tony