Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rose Moscato: x3

Bram Meehan requested three sketches of Rose Moscato, his character from Raised by Squirrels. Rose was described as "mid-late 30s, shoulder-length dark brown hair, pretty in probably a classical Italian way. She's a secret agent sort, has seen and done some pretty bad things, and drinks and smokes way too much -- all of which is visible in her face." A quick jaunt onto his website provided pieces of his comic. Here are my 3 blue-pencil sketches:

This was an interesting exercise! It took me a little longer than 3 minutes, and I hope you like them Bram! Please leave a comment letting us know what you think. Thanks!

[Update::10Apr06] "Rose" by Josh is starting to make the rounds. Bram posted this sketch over on DC Conspiracy.


Awed Job said...

ZZzzzzing! That was fast Josh. Good job. I'm interested to know what Mr. Meehan thinks of the sketches.

Bram said...

Josh —

That's great — and fast. It's always a treat to see different interpretations of our characters, and your style provides an interesting new take. I especially like how you're using expressions, poses, and gestures to help establish the character.

Good stuff, thanks much.

Josh said...

Thanks Scott! Thanks Bram! It was a fun, exciting and challenging inaugural contribution to Sketch-it!