Monday, March 13, 2006


request said "gorgeous!," pic was labeled "WOW!!"... it's my girlfriend who i adore...

Scott's Girlfriend

That's truly sweet. We here at sketch-it wholly endorse the act of adoration whereby one lover requests a sketch of the other. It's better than a bouquet or a card and so much more original.

G'night folks. It's been a busy day. Along with the snow blizzard in Minneapolis, sketch-it experienced its own flurry of activity. Over 1,300 page loads and nearly 700 unique visitors came to the site today. That's ten times better than last week and a hundred times better than a month ago.

We are bringing on a few more, highly qualified artists to meet demand. You will not be disappointed. These folks are real pros, each with their own unique style.

Thanks again for your interest and patronage.

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Scott said...

i love it! SHE loved it! it's a total love fest here in nyc!! thanks scott. this whole experience was great.